Welcome to My Party Inflatables, LLC



Do you require a deposit?

Yes, all orders require a minimum of a $25 & no more than 25% of your total. The deposits are non-refundable if you cancel your order. However, you will be given a raincheck that is good for 90 days.

Pickup & delivery times: 

We arrive early to set up so you get the entire rental time to play. Our latest pick-up time is 8pm. Again a full day are the start to the end time, there is no need to put early times because we already come out earlier than the time you enter for your start time. A full day is considered 8hrs, keep in mind this must fall within our earliest delivery time and latest pick up time.

Generally we arrive 1-4 hours before the rental time begins & ends. If we have a lot of rentals that day, we may need to set up as early as 4 hours in advance. If this is the case, we will reach before to confirm that someone will be at the party location. Pick ups are also 1-4 hours after your party ends, so please be patient as we will be out to pick up the equipment after your event.

What if we need to cancel?

We will work with you. If you have a scheduling issue, sick child, etc, please give us at least 2 days notice before the scheduled event & we will update your file with a raincheck. Please reschedule in a timely manner & all re-schedules are subject to availability.

Do I need to supply anything?

We will include everything needed to set up within 50-75ft of a power supply. Please make sure there is a clean area for set-up, remove any branches, rocks or sharp objects. If you are renting a water slide you will need to supply your own hose or you can rent one from us if needed.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash & Card. We do not accept personal checks. Deposits are non-refundable & due at the time of booking. Remaining balance will be collected at delivery.

Does the price include set up and delivery?

Yes & no, it depends on the distance. Additional travel fees may apply for areas farther out. Remember prices do not include sales tax. All public venues have special drop off & pick up requirements.

Are we responsible for the unit if it gets a tear or damaged in any way?

Yes & no. You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our units. Seams may develop tears in high traffic areas over a period of time. If this happens please alert us at once so we can remedy the situation. If however, damage occurs due to failure to follow our safety rules or negligence (i.e. not turning off the blower in high winds, sharp objects, silly string, adults using a bounce house not rated for adults) you will be responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the unit/blower, which can cost thousands of dollars.

We don't want you or us to be in that situation which is why we have you sign and initial on all of our safety rules so that you can be the trained operator. Also silly string, gum, hair dyes, sticky substances,  candy and food stains or cleaning will be subject to a cleaning charge. Silly string damage is permanent and will be charged the entire cost of the unit, please be aware of this, once paid you will own the unit.

It's raining or the weather forecast doesn't look good, now what?

 We have it pretty good here in Florida, & we have great bouncing and sliding weather most of the year but every once in a while it will rain on party day. If there is scattered rain in the area, we will be in contact with you 24 hours prior to plan our options. If you decide to go ahead with the party as planned, we will deliver and setup. If you decide to cancel our delivery because of weather, we will work with you. We can reschedule & offer a raincheck on your deposit that is good for 90 days. Please keep in mind, all deposits at the time of check-out are non refundable so it is important that you reschedule in a timely manner and all re-schedules are subject to availability.

What if it's windy?

We use heavy duty steel stakes when securing our units however the wind can be extremely powerful. If the wind starts blowing the tops of the trees and looks to be gusting 20 mph or more, go ahead & get the kids out & deflate the unit for a while. If you are unsure please don't hesitate to call us 863-225-3580. Have the supervising adult keep an eye on the stakes and use good judgment when unexpected weather comes up. We take safety very seriously & please believe us when we say wind can be extremely powerful. If The wind starts blowing in excess of 20 mph, deflate the unit and get the kids out. When the wind lets up make sure the stakes anchoring the unit are as secure as they were at setup, turn the blower back on, & let the kids start having fun again.

Set up area:

We can set up on Grass (our favorite and best for the kids), dirt, asphalt, and concrete. Sorry, we can´t set up on any type of rocks as the constant rubbing will wear through the vinyl jumps. Please let us know as soon as possible if we will be setting up on concrete so we can make arrangements for proper anchoring of your unit. Additional setup fee of $25 for any hard surface setup will be added to your total. 

We will also need a fairly flat, clean area with an outlet within 50-75ft of the blower (we have generators for rent if we are too far away from an electrical source) Please clean up any sticks, rocks or doggy poo before we get there. We will not be able to setup in an area covered in rocks, sticks or dog poo; having to clean doggy poo off our bouncers makes us very sad. 

How much area do I need?

All Inflatables have measurements on website, you should add 5 feet to
each measurement to have plenty room. (Don't forget height) all measurements & length x width x height.

Is the equipment cleaned? 

We clean & disinfects after every rental. We take personal pride in delivering a clean product every time.

 Are you guys properly licensed & Insured?

 Yes we are! While It’s illegal in most states to rent inflatables without state inspections and insurance, Florida remains one of the few unregulated states in the country. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies out there that ignore your safety and rent inflatable bounce houses without insurance. If you choose not to rent from us please research our competitors to ensure they are running a legitimate business and choose a company that is properly insured.

Can we see a copy of your contract & safety rules?

Yes. There is a link in your receipt once you've ordered or you may contact our office.